January 21, 2021


Residents of Carlsbad might need the services of plumbers every now and then when they see a leak or a pipe burst but not many know plumbing is one of the oldest professions, along with engineers, architects, and teachers. Let’s get to know a little better our hard-working pipe engineers so the next time someone needs the services of a plumber Carlsbad, they will have a little more appreciation for the profession.

Plumbing first came about in ancient times during the Greek, Roman, Persian, and Indian civilizations. The increasing need for clean water for irrigation, bathing, removing wastewater, and potable water made plumbers an integral member of society. Back in those times, pipes were made of baked clay and straw with the Egyptians being the first to use copper pipes. They used water wheels to get water from wells.

It was the Greeks who mastered the use of hot and cold running water. They used showers for athletes during their Olympic games.

But it was the Romans who made significant strides towards modern plumbing by building channels that brought water from mountains into the city and was then distributed via underground lead lines. They also heated their public baths using a wood furnace. Roman public toilets could seat up to 20 in a single room while water constantly ran underneath to carry waste away.

So the next time Carlsbad residents grab a plunger for their clogged toilet or sink or search for best plumber Carlsbad online when their pipes burst or their faucet has a leak, they will have a newfound appreciation for the profession that has existed since ancient Romans.

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